Top 5 MMA Fighter from Singapore


You would often find a ton of mixed martial arts goodness in every Singapore online casino website as it is one of the most popular sports that people are demanding. The country is starting to establish a name for itself for its plethora of remarkable martial artists.

We’ve listed down 5 of the most recognizable MMA fighters from the country. In no particular order, let’s get to know them.

Angela Lee

Dubbed as the “Unstoppable” Lee, Angela Lee is an Atomweight World Champion whose career in the martial arts started when she was young, at an age when she could start to walk! This young phenomenon was introduced to the sport by her parents.

It was her discipline and hard work that made her successful in her career. She’s amongst the many professional martial artists that despite her age, had proven her spot as one of the best MMA fighters in Singapore, quickly becoming one of the sports betting favorites.

She is a two-time World Pankration Champion and even won the 2013 Hawaii State Wrestling Champion. Lee is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. All these titles are just scratching the surface as to why she is given the nickname “unstoppable.”

Her most remarkable fight was her battle with the two-time Muay Thai World Champion Istela Nunes, where at the time, she was also going against the effects of pneumonia.

Christian Lee

The Lightweight World Champion Christian Lee is also known as “The Warrior”. If it wasn’t obvious, he came from a family of true martial artists, and her older sister, Angela Lee, is already an MMA celebrity herself, too.

Their parents are black belters who were introduced to the sport at a very early age. Even to this day, not a single website for online gambling can deny the fact that Lee is among the youngest martial artists in Singapore with lots of outstanding achievements in his career so far.

He already managed to earn black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, just like her sister. He was even hailed as the Most Outstanding Athlete at the 2013 FILA World Championship where he won a total of six world titles. Simply put, Lee is an astonishingly early achiever.

Lee’s most recent achievement was becoming the Lightweight World Grand Prix Champion after defeating the Turkish Saygid “Dagi” Guysen Arslanallev.


Amir Khan

Another popular MMA fighter on our list is the Muay Thai champion, Amir Khan. He is one of the top martial arts superstars today not just in Singapore but in the whole of Asia.

Despite all these recognitions, it wasn’t always easy for him as he suffers from Tourette Syndrome where he was constantly being bullied growing up. This paved the way for him to get into Muay Thai and developed a passion for it.

This passion has even helped him to overcome the challenges of his disorder which even encouraged and boosted his confidence.

He is no stranger to online sports betting fans as he is one of the rare talents that excelled in the many fields of martial arts including wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Tiffany Teo

Next on our list of the top MMA fighters is none other than the Singapore Boxing Champion herself, Tiffany Teo. Also given the nickname “No Chill”, Teo is one of the world’s best female martial artists. In her youth, she used to be a reserved-type of girl.

She had built her confidence when she started undergoing training for Muay Thai at the young age of 17. The young shy choir girl is now a confident martial artist who started to find success in many martial arts tournaments along with her career growth.

Teo then began training in a myriad of other fields in martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and the one that made her a sports superstar, boxing. Her first pro debut was back in 2016 where she earned three straight first-round stoppage wins.

Her unstoppable 7-0 record is truly an impressive feat that had earned her a shot at the Strawweight World Championship.

May Ooi

May “Mighty” Ooi is a multi-gold medalist in swimming. She competed at the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona back in 1992. Before Ooi became the dedicated martial artist that she is now today, she was inspired by the beauty of Brazilian art.

Coincidentally, she was training with a coach who also had a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Ooi started to get committed with her training on capoeira and BJJ. Later on, she also earned a reputation for acquiring Muay Thai and boxing into her arsenal.

She became recognized for her dedication and talent across multiple sites for sports betting in Singapore and was encouraged to pursue a serious professional career in martial arts.