Understanding Virtual Reality (VR) in Relation to Online Casinos

vr online casino

Virtual Reality or VR for short is the subject of many game developers.

Online casino owners are no different. It started merely as a way for people to gain access to their favorite casino games using the internet.

As technology progresses, the idea of innovation is consistent and businesses continue to incorporate newer techs on their products.

What is Virtual Reality

VR or Virtual Reality lets a player enter a virtual world through the means of wearing a headset, immersing the player into a digital world that mostly emulates a realistic environment or sometimes, a fictional setting.

If its success in the video game market has proven anything, it is that it surely delivers a unique gaming experience.

Now imagine VR integrated into web casino games.

Back in 2015, the first-ever VR online live casino was able to interact and use features of actual casino games in real-time in the virtual space. Eventually, other known developers followed suit not because it would make a buzz or that it was the current trend, but they saw that this has a potential for new customers.

A bigger audience means a bigger market and a bigger profit. If the video game industry found success in VR games, there’s no reason for casino owners not to replicate its success.

ar and slot games

AR and slots games

Augmented Reality or AR can easily be associated with Virtual Reality.

In most cases, people mistakenly interchange the definition of the two. Aside from sharing half-the-similarity of names, they mostly are the highlight of our current generation’s technology.

AR could be considered the most utilized of the two.

Snapchat is the best example of a successful AR technology.

It may sound absurd but by definition, augmented reality is something that is imposed over real-life settings. It didn’t take tech companies to integrate AR on their own products when it first hit the market. Video games can perhaps be the industry that fully saw the potential of this technology and also found success with it.

As proof, the popular mobile game of Pokémon Go can make a billion of revenue annually with it being its major feature.

So, what is the difference?

The main difference between VR and AR is accessibility.

VR is undoubtedly a more superior way for a more immersive experience, but it does not compare to the comfort and availability that AR offers.

VR requiring a headset only means that it is not also ideal to be played elsewhere other than the comfort of your home. On the other hand, AR is available on pretty much any smart device and can do its job without any additional peripherals.

Think of an actual slot machine being projected right in front of your eyes through your smart device.

Imagine playing your favorite slot games for free with electrifying sound effects, flashing lights, and realistic 3D models and you got yourself an entertaining time right at the palm of your hand.

VR or AR?

If you were to choose between the two, it all boils down to whichever is ideal for your playstyle and lifestyle.

Do you often play in public while on your way home after work? Or do you patiently wait and play in the comfort of your own home?

It is the same dilemma that casino owners are facing. VR can be too costly while AR can be limited. Either way, they both offer a new thrilling way to play casino games online wherever and whenever.