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To those unfamiliar with 12Play online casino, they are a well-established online casino in Singapore and Malaysia. This means that they are an internationally recognized gambling website. They remain one of the best online casino websites in the market, providing live casino games, sports betting, and more.

12Play Review (Quick Review of their website)

12Play boasts a collection of mobile-friendly games and a website interface so you can enjoy gambling whatever platform or device you are on. Playing on a much more portable device such as tablets and smartphones allow for casino gaming on-the-go.

Many Singapore online casino sites have tried to dominate the online betting space but 12Play stood out the most. With their wide array of betting games and options, there is always going to be one that you can enjoy.

12Play is popular amongst sports bettors, including Esports bettors. This is fascinating as broader age demographics are starting to increase significantly. Esports are especially appealing to a younger audience and 12Play is one of those casinos that sees the potential of Esports betting and embraces it.

They also offer VIP privileges that reward players for their loyalty. The benefits are too hard to pass up. The good news is that, as soon as you sign up, you’ll immediately gain access to this VIP program and there are no exceptions!

12Play Casino Games

It is expected in every online casino in Singapore to have an extensive selection of online casino games and 12Play manages to build a library that is next to none. According to them, their collection of live casino games is guaranteed to be world-class in quality and we couldn’t agree more.

Here are some of the most popular online gambling games you’ll find in 12Play.


Blackjack in Chinese means “twenty-one” and it reflects the main objective of winning this card game. One of the most popular casino games in 12Play is blackjack and you can only imagine what makes people come back for more. It’s a must-try game for players of different skills and play styles.


This game also involves getting a certain card value to win, which makes it a very appealing casino game next to the likes of blackjack. This game is also appealing amongst the new players as it is quite an easy game to learn while still giving a fair level of difficulty and challenge.

Sic bo

Sic bo is perhaps the most popular dice game in the world and amongst the most unique online casino games overall. The game involves 3 dice and players try to predict the results of the dice throw. 12Play offers a premium sic bo gameplay that will completely give you your money’s worth.


One of the most iconic gambling games considered by many, roulette is a game that’s mostly referred to as a game of chance. There are several types of roulette variations and 12Play offers them all. Place your bet and let that wheel spin!


Almost all the online casinos in Singapore sites you’ll find nowadays have this very popular gambling game. It is a card game that many players can’t get enough of. 12Play has an extensive selection of quality poker games that if you haven’t tried yet, you better should.

These are just some of the most notable online casino games that you can find at 12Play. There is nothing stopping you from getting the best online casino gaming experience but with 12Play. Some of these games can even be played for free so you can prepare until you’re ready to play with real money!

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12Play Sportsbook

A lot of online bettors were skeptical about tons of Asian bookmakers or sportsbooks but 12Play brought this cynicism to an end. Its established name in the industry has helped even international bettors have that confidence with the Asian gambling market.

There is a multitude of ways to place your wagers, a handful of options for sports, several leagues, tournaments, and championships. 12Play is committed to becoming the best online betting site that caters to all sorts of bettor types, skilled or newbies.

With a great emphasis on Esports than your typical online sportsbook, 12Play caters to a more mainstream audience with their focus on Esports. They manage to build a community that consists of a wide generation of bettors.

This online casino in Singapore also provides a leading live betting platform for sports bettors and enthusiasts who enjoy watching their favorite sports in action while it is happening in real-time! This offers a further sense of immersion for bettors as if they were present in that arena in person!

Reason to choose 12Play

You may still have some doubts about 12Play’s credibility and that’s completely okay. If you are looking for more reasons as to why you should pick 12Play casino, we’ve listed down some of the main selling points that should help you consider.


They are able to provide a full-on casino experience on your phone. Encrypt it with a passcode or pin lock for additional security and play all your favorite games anywhere any time. All games are fully optimized even if it was scaled down to fit smaller devices!

Fishing games and arcade games

You often see online casino games other than slots, poker, roulette, etc. Arcade games are a great way to enjoy different action-based games and if you’ve been itching to try something new. Fishing games are also becoming even more popular, going as far as becoming mainstream in the west.

Huge promos and bonuses

There are loads of promotions you can get your hands on with 12Play. Whether we are talking about betting on sports, casino games, slots, or lottery, you have multiple ways to get rewarded with an overwhelming number of bonuses, and this applies for both existing and new players. Everybody wins!

Hands-on experience

12Play is one of those Singapore online casino sites you’ll find with several tutorials, guides, and walkthroughs no matter what game you're playing. Helpful information such as tips and blogs are scattered all throughout the website.


12Play is everything that an online casino bettor could ever hope for. It’s brimmed with lots of online gambling entertainment that would never sour your taste. Complete with loads of sports betting activities, great betting odds, online casino games, exciting lotteries, and more.