Different Types of Free Spins Bonuses


Slot machines can get quite addictive. Once you start your first you’ll fall in love with it and you start to spin more as you go. However, chances of you winning a jackpot prize in online casinos is one in one hundred and you might actually lose a decent amount of money along the way. There’s one way to get this back and this is through a spin bonus.

Who doesn’t want to gain something out of nothing right? I mean every one of us loves freebies especially when we came from a very bad situation. It can be uplifting and can give you the boost you need to push harder in the next round. One kind of freebies that online casino players love, especially those who play slot machines are free spin bonuses.

There are several ways on how you can get free spins. You need to meet certain requirements before the free spins are awarded to you.take note that free spins may vary from the kind of spin they have. They might change once in a while because bookies always want gamblers something that they can look forward to.

In this article, you’ll find out more about the different varieties of free spins bonus that you will very much like.

Free spins (deposit bonus)

This kind of free spin bonus is triggered once you have made a deposit either after signing up or reloading. Sometimes you need to deposit two or more deposits before a free spin is awarded you. Take note that there are free spins that are exclusive only to a certain slot game. You have to read the information first so you will have no problem if ever you get this kind of free spin.

Free spins (no deposit needed)

There are generous bookies that give free spins absolutely free. The only thing that you need to do is to sign up and register with them. After that, they will grant you free spins to get you started. If you love slots, you better find bookies like this and take advantage of this kind of free spin bonus.

Free spins (without wager)

Sometimes, free spins that are awarded to the deposit bonus needs some wagering amount in order for it to activate. Many players hate this requirement because it is not in favor of them. However, there are casinos that give free spins without any wagering requirements. So if you are a free spin hunter, you better choose a bookie that doesn’t require any wagering requirement.


Free spins (promotional)

There are instances where you will be surprised because your account received a free spin bonus. This is not a miracle. The reason why is oftentimes, casino slot game providers give free spins because of some event or anniversary of that game. There are no requirements needed you just have to be a player or a member of a specific bookie playing a specific slot game online.

What to expect from free spins?

Even though this kind of bonus is beneficial to the online slot player, spin bonuses are not a thing that you should rely on. It doesn’t mean that if they offer free spin within the week you need to meet the requirements and get them. Spin bonuses are just a tool to help you play longer or if you are lucky, hit the mega jackpot prize.

You should never expect something big from this kind of promotion. Free spin cannot guarantee you money and it might distract you from your focus in playing online slots. But it is still something to keep an eye on especially if you love slots online.