How to Win at Roulette


Roulette, like many other casino games out there, has been a staple form of entertainment for people who love to gamble and have a good time. Some play for fun, while others try to build a successful career out of it. Whatever keeps you from playing roulette, it sure is a game unlike anything else.

Getting started

If winning at roulette is your main goal here, you have stumbled upon an article that can increase your chance of doing better than you do today. If this is a game you haven’t tried at all yet, this is especially helpful as it can give you a jumpstart.

We all know how roulette is a game that heavily relies on luck. While there is so much truth about this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s next to impossible to follow a certain strategy that could help you improve on winning roulette online or roulette at a brick-and-mortar casino. There are a lot of strategies out there if you search online or even ask pro players, but what’s important is for you to understand that winning is not guaranteed every time you play.

What can be done instead is to increase your chances of doing better. This can all be done in many ways and we’ll discuss all of them along the way. One effective way to do so is to avoid all the bad habits and instead, focusing on those that can result in better odds.

European vs. American roulette

For newcomers to the game of roulette, the first thing you want to avoid is playing an American roulette game. While this sounds fairly obvious to all the veteran players out there, the main reason why you should pick the European roulette over the American one is because of the roulette wheel.

If you compare both roulette wheels side-by-side, you will easily notice that main difference between the two. If for some reason you haven’t spotted it yet, we’re talking about the order of the numbers that are placed around the roulette wheel. Additionally, American roulette has an additional slot with a double zero (“00”).

What makes things bizarre is the fact that both roulette variants offer the same payouts. Which can only mean that European roulettes give a far more advantage with 35-to-1 than that of the American roulette with 37-to-1.

With all that said, always choose a European roulette over the American roulette. This is regardless if you are playing with real money or using free credits.


Play for free and practice

Speaking of free credits, playing roulette online for free is one of the best options for starters. Not only newcomers get to experience how the game is played firsthand, they get to come up with their strategy with all the experience that they can get whether they win or lose.

Additionally, going for free-play allows them to learn more without even worrying about any consequences at play. There is little to no risk as they can experiment around with what they can execute during their play. Most importantly, they get to familiarize all the ins and outs of the game all while having fun.

Opening a free account at online casinos to play online roulette is a great way to get you started. The good news is, finding such casinos are not even that hard to come by. This is by far the safest way to give you a head start.

Be observant

You are now ready to start playing. However, that’s not all there’s to it when it comes to your preparation. Before even thinking of placing your bets, always make it a habit to look around and observe.

Check the roulette table and the current players around it. It may sound less important than everything else in this article but the table where you play has a lot of surprises that can affect your session during your game. You need to be mindful of the players who you’d think will probably end up screwing your focus.

How much should you bet?

The short answer is it depends. Considering that you are already playing with real money at an online roulette and you now have a brief knowledge of the roulette table’s minimum and maximum bets, this is a question that has probably popped in your head. At this point you should be proud of yourself as you are asking a sensible question.

Without even doing any math here, the answer lies within your bankroll. Yes, it depends on the amount of money you can spend. It should already be obvious to you at this point to manage your bankroll efficiently and avoid overspending, especially your money that you can’t afford to lose. For instance, your money.

The main thing to always remember is to make sure that you can keep playing as long as you can without going broke. And to do is, you have to weigh in the following factors: odds, bankroll, and the length of the game. Add this to all your betting experiences, and you’ll get your answer.