Sic Bo: Rules You Need to Know

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Sic bo is a popular casino game appealing to so many players around the world. Whether you are seeking a change away from your favorite baccarat or poker for the meantime, or just curious to try this, there’s no better time to learn the game’s basics with our guide!

Solarbet offers Sic bo along with your other favorites and here are the things that should help you get started.

A game of dice

First, let’s take a little class of Sic bo’s history. This game goes by several other names like Hi-lo, Dai Siu, and Tai Sai which is played using three dice. Sic bo is pronounced as see bo and is said to have originated in Ancient China.

The name translates to “dice pair” or “precious dice” and was first brought to the west in the early 20th century for carnival games.

Unlike other casino games that involve dice, sic bo is commonly referred to as a game of chance as building a strategy that would work consistently is nearly next to impossible. Despite this drawback, it remains one of the most popular online casino games even to this day.

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The board

At a glance, seeing the sic bo board may completely throw you off. It may look complex but the rules of this game are quite the contrary and are very easy to grasp when compared to other online gambling games.

Apart from the three dice, the game includes a board that you can place your bets on. The dealer throws the dice in a cup or a small cage and players place as many bets as they like on the board.

This game requires different approaches depending on the probability and how high you are willing to take risks. Knowing the different bets or strategies to use in different situations is critical if you want the highest payout possible.

The different bets


Totals are the easiest kind of bet in this game. You simply have to bet between 4 to 17 and hope that the total of the three dice would result in the number you have punted.

You may have wondered about 3 and 18. These numbers are already covered by Triple 1 and Triple 6 which will be explained further shortly.

Small and big

Other than totals, small and big bets are also very noticeable on the sic bo board. This kind of bet also is among the easiest to bet on.

A total of dice that would result in between 4 to 10 is called small and result between 11 to 17 is otherwise called big. Also, getting a result of 3 or 18 means a loss as any triple is considered a loss. With its low payout, this is a kind of bet that is considered low risk.


This is a kind of bet where you place a bet on any two numbers specifically printed on the board. For example, placing a bet on the 2 and 5 combinations would result in a win if the dice shows 2, 4, and 5.

The payout for this bet is 6:1 which makes it a medium risky way to play the game.


The type of bet that lets players bet on a single and specific number. The payout is a bit complex as it varies depending on the dice result you get.

Getting a die of the number you punted earns you 1:1, getting two dice of the number you get 2:1, and getting all three dice of the number you get 12:1. Please note that getting three dice of the same number has a different payout when you made the bet on triples.


Double is a kind of bet where two of the three dice will show the same number. For example, placing a bet on 3 would mean a win if the dice result is 3, 4, and 5.


Lastly, a triple is the type of bet that shows all three dice the same number. This is also the biggest payout but at the same time, the riskiest of all. The odds of getting a triple are 216 to 1 but the payout can go as high as 180:1, even higher than a single number in a roulette game.