The Technology Behind Live Casinos

We have reached the day and age where technology is taking shape. Live casinos, for instance, seem to become fully realized as our future demands it.

live casino technology

How does live casino work?

Live Casino is exactly what it sounds like. Players are able to play their favorite casino games on a stream or digital broadcast in real-time.

Obviously, this allows for a very much comforting way to play casino games whether you are sitting comfortably on your favorite couch at home or while on-the-go to your local barber or grocer.

Online casino games have been the center of attraction for players who seek thrilling games that are much more accessible. This led for casino owners to make an investment in the webspace.

Each day, more and more games are being constantly added to meet the demands and it’s not long before some may actually want to try something else for a change.

Enter Live Casinos. At its surface, it’s the same casino game but with a modern approach for a fresher and newer gaming experience.

But how does it work?

Players play through their preferred platform whether it’d be on their computer, tablet, or other smart devices. The online gaming provider then handles pretty much the rest of the job.

In order to make this experience work, providers would have a dedicated staff that usually consists of an IT manager, cameramen, operators, real-time customer support, dealers, and croupiers.

Their equipment includes powerful servers, a bunch of cameras, and the Game Control Unit or GCU. All of which are crucial for a smooth-sailing experience.

Servers enable providers for delivering an uninterruptible gaming experience to the players. Multiple cameras allow players to have several viewing angles and sometimes, providers would also let them take full control of the camera of their liking.

Perhaps the most important component of Live Casinos is the GCU. Technically speaking, it is the one responsible for all the encoding of video data and the inputs from the player simultaneously.

To say the least, Live Casino providers are investing quite a large amount of money in order for all of this to work efficiently.

live casino dealer

Human casino dealers

Hardware components are just half of the story. You can say that the true star of the show when playing live casinos are its dealers.

They play a very important role as they are the forefront and your host per se. With them being in the spotlight, you can expect that they are highly trained, comes with a professional presence, and very knowledgeable.

Dealers in Singapore online casinos are one great example of this.

Dealers are held accountable for every action that they make. To ensure this, providers use a smart card for tracking.

While in the subject of human casino dealers, real-time customer support also plays an important role during live games. Online gambling in Singapore also nails in this department.

To avoid interruptions, instead of going straight to the dealer, support people are always ready for any sort of assistance a player may need.


Live Casinos are not just meant to be a clone of the real thing, nor imitate what it’s capable of doing. Some would argue that it can be an alternative for players whose lifestyle limits them in playing their favorite game of roulette, poker, or any other table games.

To sum it all up, online casinos have evolved a lot over the years. As people find the convenience and the market completely grow exponentially for gambling online, you can expect to see new ways to play online casinos down the line.

Simply put, Live Casinos are the living proof of that. Even the best online casinos in Singapore are on board with this revolution.

Who knows where our technology brings us in the near future?