All You Need to Know About Basketball and Basketball Betting

Basketball is a major and beloved sport of all ages. Solarbet offers one of the best online sports betting experience in the market.

basketball betting

Basketball is simply one of the world’s most known sports. It is distinct and had established its appeal of all ages and is pretty much loved by everyone from across the planet. Relevant to its popularity, it is also a sport that bettors sought after. Basketball betting, in particular, is one of Solarbet's popular games.

If you love basketball as much as we are, you’ve been lucky. Here is Solarbet’s ultimate guide to everything that is basketball. We’ll also be looking down on some useful tips you need to know when betting on this beloved sport.

Let’s begin!

A brief history

Basketball dates back in 1891 and was invented by a man named James Naismith. The idea came to fruition when he was asked to come up with an indoor game in response to an increasing amount of injuries for football at the time. The idea he came up with is a game that requires shooting a ball into a peach basket.

And thus, basketball was born. It didn't start well and all as rules have been constantly changing as the game ages. It was rapidly adopted by college teams and resulted in a handful of established leagues. Naismith even became a coach of the game at one point.

As the sport evolves, it gains rules and regulations that became the standard. Changes are being made here and there. But all these alterations are what makes basketball, we all know and love, it is today.

Some major basketball leagues include:

  • Continental Basketball Association (CBA)
  • World Basketball Association (WBA)
  • Euroleague
  • ASEAN Basketball League (ABL)
  • Russian Basketball Super League
  • British Basketball League (BBL)

But probably the world’s most known basketball league is the National Basketball Association or NBA. It is undoubtedly the first league that would come to mind when you think about basketball in general. It’s no big surprise as it is a league that runs in the US and Canada. There’s a huge audience and there’s also the fact that it is the birthplace of the beloved sport.

Basketball rules

As much as we wanted to talk about basketball all day, we are not going to go in detail here.

Basketball rules can vary depending on the situation. Rules for professional gaming are unlike the one used for colleges and even for other regions or countries. But regardless of these variations, we’ll only discuss the rules that are applicable across all circumstances.

A team of basketball players is tasked to earn the most amount of points against the opposing team. Each team earns a point by shooting the ball on your team’s designated hoop or ring. Your team’s hoop is located half-way across the other side.

Up to 12 players can be included in a single team. However, only 5 players can play at a time Players in each team includes the following player positions:

  • Point Guard
  • Shooting Guard
  • Small Forward
  • Power Forward
  • Center
  • 6th Man

The game begins with a Jump Ball where a referee throws the ball up high in the middle of the basketball court. Players for each team are positioned around as an assigned player attempts to jump and catch the ball. Earning points every time you make a successful shoot also varies depending on where the throw was executed. You can score a three-point shoot, then there’s also 2 and 1 point. A free throw also earns you 1 point.

Apart from knowing how to land a score, there are things to avoid and keep in mind. And these include the rules for dribbling, avoid getting violations such as traveling or a foul. Players are also not allowed to kick or hit the ball other than with their hands.

basketball betting tips

Basketball betting tips you should know

Knowing the game is one thing. Now we have that one covered, it’s now time for you to learn some helpful tips on how you can do betting a lot better. So the next time you are going to watch NBA live, you'd be ready.

Know the types of basketball betting

This includes point spread, overall score, money time, parlays, and teasers. Identify which kind of betting you would go for.


One way to do so is by participating in competitions. For starters, test creating your strategy without risking money. It’s a great way to assess giving you a grip on what to do or not do moving forward.

Learn from your mistake

The goal is to eliminate all the previous wrong-doings you will make. Gaining experience comes naturally, learning from your experience is what makes the difference.

Manage your betting statistics

Once you have played several times, do not forget to analyze or at least keep track of important data that may come in useful on your future bets.

Ask around

Sometimes, what you have gathered is not going to suffice. Instead, you can always ask for assistance and a great way to do it is by consulting experts. Nowadays, it’s easier to follow figures and professionals with the use of social media.

The future of basketball

Basketball surely has become a dominant game of all sports in existence and continues to plant its root solidly on the ground. It came a long way back from where it all started—an idea.

Basketball is bigger and better. It is constantly growing and the sports betting industry is capitalizing on this relatively.

With all this said, it’s clear that the future is still bright for this beloved game. Whatever the case may be, this sport is not going anywhere. It is sure to stay for no one knows how long.