Top 5 Golf Courses in Singapore


If you are a golf fan and have visited a handful of websites for online gambling singapore, you can tell that experiencing the real thing makes so much different than simply seeing promo ads and pictures. We’ll take you to the top golf courses in the country just to prove you this.

Buckle up and there’s even no need for you to bring out your travel passes. Let’s get to it!

Top 5: Keppel Club

Keppel Club is one of the country’s oldest golf and country clubs. Today, this location is not only a golf course but also a place for other events such as banquets, social gatherings, and birthdays.

The club earned its name from Sir Henry Keppel, a naval officer that’s known for the suppression of piracy in the Straits of Singapore. He also became an Admiral of the Fleet.

In terms of golf, Keppel Club has lots of amenities to offer for both experienced and inexperienced golf players. What makes this even one of the most ideal places for golfing is that it’s situated near the city. This makes Keppel Club a great spot for people who seek quick golf action if you’re from the city.

One of the club’s main attractions is the former existence of its golf-bag mono-rail system. These mono-carts transport your clubs alongside each hole.

Top 4: The National Service Resort and Country Club

The National Service Resort and Country Club is an exclusive club of the Singapore Armed Forces Recreation Association or SAFRA. The association was established in 1972 to promote camaraderie and shape morale amongst national service people.

Over the years, SAFRA has become an important group with associates that now provide recreation. Educational, and of course, sports facilities in Singapore.

Both inexperienced and professional players can get to enjoy the 18 holes of the NSRCC home course. It has wider fairways that can still be quite a challenge, especially for rookie players. This golf destination is amongst the favorites of people who do online sports betting for golf.

The home course was called the Kranji Sanctuary Golf Course that spans a whopping 6,400 meters.


Top 3: Sentosa Golf Club

The next golf course on our list is the Sentosa Golf Club which lets golf players pick between two different luxurious golf courses. These are the Serapong Champion Course and the New Tanjong Course.

Did you know that Sentosa Island is based on the Malay word Sentosa that translates to peace and tranquility? It is one of Singapore’s best golf destinations with a wide array of activities, not just golf.

The New Tanjong Course is popular for its magical scenic view. It also has big bunkers for golfers who seek a bit more challenge. The Serapong Champion Course, on the other hand, is more distinguishable for its gorgeous lakes and stone walls.

People who get to catch live golf tournaments on Singapore online casino sites would often get a glimpse of such luxurious golf destinations.

Top 2: Laguna National Golf and Country Club

Our next Singapore golf course always sits within the top 5 lists of best golf courses in Singapore.

The Laguna National Golf and Country Club hosted numerous major competitions in the past. These golf tournaments include Asian tour events, co-sanctioned European Tour events, and women’s professional tour events.

Founded in 1993, it remains one of the most well-known golf courses in the country. It has even become a household name for online sports betting players. The European Tours Singapore Masters is perhaps the most notable international golf championships that it had ever hosted.

Its close proximity to the many recreational spots such as casinos and sports betting locations, airports, shopping malls, and including beaches.

Top 1: Marina Bay Golf Course

The top on our list is the Marina Bay Golf Course. It is located in the south part of Singapore island and relatively near the downtown area. It is also situated around many tourist attractions which makes for a great golf course destination for tourists and locals.

Additionally, the golf course is very much accessible, offering astonishing landscapes of sand bunkers and lakes. The view is certainly a sight to behold when compared to all the promo ads you see on websites for sports betting in Singapore.

Their amenities also include all the golfing essentials such as GPS-capable buggies, showers, lockers, all-inclusive within your golf fee. It’s a complete package that is surely hard to pass on. Lastly, they also offer an extensive number of practice facilities for players who wish to get better at golf.