How Much Do Casino Dealers Make?

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If you ever thought of building a career in the casino industry, one of the major questions that probably comes to mind first is how much do casino dealers make. Today, we’ll be talking about some stuff that perfectly tackles the important things about being a casino dealer.

Responsibilities of a casino dealer

The responsibilities of a casino employee vary depending on whether the job is done inside a casino or in a different part of the casino complex.

Casino dealers are responsible for implementing the rules and policies at their table to maintain the integrity of the casino games. In addition to this, casino dealers must also deal directly with players and help to bridge any concerns between players at a more professional level.

Some dealers are also responsible for keeping the casino's machines and casino software up to par. In online casino sites, live casino dealers need to accomplish the same responsibilities only while streaming and live recording the game itself in real-time.

In short, a casino dealer is an integral part of the gaming environment and plays a key role in ensuring that all of the casino games run smoothly.

Qualifications of a casino dealer

The casino hiring process may require a gaming dealer to have certain qualifications or certifications before being hired for employment consideration within the casinos.

In addition to the qualifications and certifications, casinos may require potential employees to have either worked for a specific casino for a specified period or to have worked as a gaming dealer at another casino.

Both experience and education are extremely important qualifications that some casinos require for consideration. What’s most important, like with pretty much any kind of job, is the overall character of the casino dealer.

The average wage for a casino dealer

Surprisingly, the average wage as a dealer is not as impressive as it would seem. In most cases, the hourly wages for this kind of career do not vary across different games. For starters, the wage is between $8 and $10 per hour. Experienced casino dealers get a bit higher than that.

If you do the math, we are looking at $16,000 up to $20,000 annual income. This is why many casino dealers are relying on players’ tips. Unfortunately, tips don’t apply to online casino players.

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The perks of being a casino dealer

Now that we have talked briefly about the average wages of a casino dealer, let’s talk about the benefits of choosing a casino dealer as a career.

At first glance, becoming a casino dealer at a casino may sound like the perfect combination of fun, glamour, and money. After all, the casino is bankrolling all the action; the dealer just needs to deal with a few people at an online gambling singapore table and simply hand them a card.

The biggest perks of being a casino dealer are the opportunity to handle and develop new skills, and experience handling other's decks. The majority of dealers have to learn how to read other players and their cards quickly, and then call the correct card without seeming foolish or overly pushy.

As a casino dealer, you also get to earn large tips and the opportunity to make a decent profit from all of your winnings. Typically, dealers earn more tips from high-stakes games, especially if a player at your table won a lot.

Lastly, a casino dealer gets to meet different kinds of players with different personalities. What’s good about this is that they get the chance to increase their scope of experience significantly larger.

The drawbacks of being a casino dealer

It may seem like a blast to be a dealer in a casino, but there are a few disadvantages to being a dealer in a casino.

One of the drawbacks of being a dealer in a casino is that you are typically only paid for the time you spend at the casino table.

Additionally, you are mostly staying at your spot pretty much for the entire shift which can be stale and boring for some people, especially if you are only in it for the benefits and the paycheck.

Another slight problem that you may experience as a casino dealer is the possibility of a bad customer encounter. There will be instances where you’ll have to deal with ridiculous and demanding customers. The worst that could happen is the agonizing arguments that unreasonable players make.